Hello everyone! My name is Ally, the face behind Kosmic Jellyfish. I've been experimenting with various art forms since I was a small child. My love and appreciation for art has done nothing but grow. Since 2011, my focus has been on wood transfers. Being an art student, and experiencing music festivals has opened my eyes to many different ways of creating art. I've branched out into drawing, painting, mixed media and enamel pin design. I would love to make tee shirts and other types of clothing. Eventually, I would love to print my photos onto tapestries. When I edit my images, I create these dream-like and surreal visuals. Seeing my work on tapestries would be an amazing way to fully immerse yourself into the world I have created with these images.

My work has been displayed in the following shows:
SUNY 2013 Spring Show
SUNY 2013 Best of Show
SUNY 2013 Fall Show
SUNY 2014 Spring Show
SUNY 2014 Best of Show

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